lauantai 18. toukokuuta 2013

HAUL: My 3 newest pair of shoes

Hi again !

So today I wanted to make haul a post about my newest shoes that I got lately.

These are my very first light brown ankle boots. Actually these were first my sister's, but she said she took the wrong size, and asked if I wanted to buy these from her and so now they're mine !

I don't know the actual prize, but I paid around 20 euros. I think she got these from eBay.

Okay and these cuties are my newest high heels that I bought from Skopunkten. Haven't used these yet, but can't wait to try these out.

The price of these was only 9,90 euros or something, since it was on sale !

 And here's my all time favorites. Very cool and stylish ankle boots from eBay. The price was around 25 euros if I remember right.

Good thing about these are, that you can take those chains (or whatever you call them) off to have just simple black boots.

So that was my small haul of my 3 newest shoes. Would you like to see more haul updates?

21 kommenttia:

  1. beautiful shoes!I love all of them!
    Following you to ;)

  2. love these shoes!
    both pairs of booties are so cute

    1. Yeah I really like them too :)
      And the black ones are really comfortable to wear.

  3. I love the black ones, they're super badass! The booties are great too!

  4. damn, the last ones are just amazing. but I love all three.

    1. Yeah I fell in love with those at first sight haha~~

  5. Hey there, I am so jealous of these shoes - they're all gorgeous. I think my favourite is the 2nd pair, the colour is amazing! Would be great to read some more haul posts!
    I really love your blog and it’d be great if we could follow each other. Let me know on my blog? Thanks, Sarah x

    1. Haha, thank you !

      And yup, I'll do more haul posts later when I get some good ideas :)

      For sure I will check out your blog .

    2. Yeah it'd be great to read some more of your haul posts - they're the best type I think! haha
      Thanks for your comment on my blog, did you want to follow each other? Sarah x

  6. Hey I am so jealous of these shoes they are gorgeous. I really love your blog and would have been great if we could follow each other.

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