keskiviikko 22. toukokuuta 2013

Just wanted to let you know that...

Good evening everyone !

Just wanted to let you know, that my long-waited summer holiday starts after couple weeks (actually next week's Friday if I'm right), but before that I have few exams coming so that's why it might be a little bit quiet on my blog.

HOWEVER ! Whenever I have time, and it stops raining outside, I'll take some photos and update my blog. And for sure, once the holiday starts I will take many many photos :)

Yea and here's a picture of me from yesterday while chilling at the mall. Actually me and my friends were waiting our ride to home.

That's all I wanted to let you know for now, so let's see how soon I'm able to update my blog.

Take care, have a great day, night or whatever ! 

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  1. I absolutely love the shoulders of your blouse as well as your heels - gorgeous! xE

  2. you look so cute :)

  3. Lovely pic! ;)
    I am following you, hope you follow back ;)

  4. great post! :)

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